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Mohsen Masoumi is a bass opera singer originating from Shiraz, Iran. He stands out as a upcoming talent by the deepness and range of his voice, as well as a vocal timbre that resonates with warmth and colour. His journey to becoming an Opera singer is one that spans time, continents and musical traditions. His love of singing began as a young teenager when he first started singing Persian classical music. In his early adulthood, he decided to pursue singing professionally and travelled to Teheran to study Persian classical music. During his study period in Teheran, he fell in love with Opera music. Facing limitations in Iran in his pursuit of Opera, Mohsen travelled to Russia to pursue a degree in Opera performance at Moscow conservatorium. In recent years, his musical journey has developed further with the Netherlands now as his home-base. He is currently pursuing an MA in Opera performance as well as developing his European network by partially studying abroad at Florence conservatorium, Italy and the Berlin Opera Academy in Germany. Next to his studies, Mohsen is also a student of renowned Italian bass, Carlo Colombara. Mohsen lives and breathes music and dreams of performing bass opera roles on the largest national and international stages. In Mohsen’s words “ the stage gives possibilities that life doesn’t “ and “it is when I am singing, that I am most free”.

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